City of Angels (Ft. Brian De Los Santos)

Episode Summary

We Love LA! But the city means something different for everyone. In this week’s episode, jarrett and Tre’vell bring on the LA expert and host of the LAist podcast, “How to LA”, Brian De Los Santos. The Angeleno speaks on stereotypes, community, asserting space as a queer POC, and his insight on how where one lives, truly does impact their unique experience.

Episode Notes

And Because we love our listeners so much, we give you the exclusive on our next move and our plans for this upcoming new season.

Mentioned in This Episode

How to LA podcast

Historically Black Phrases 

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DIS/Honorable Mentions 


HM: got 2b real — patti Lahelle 

DM: Dr. Johnathan Paul Higgens’ wine gift…


HM: D. Smith’s Kokomo City and Kristen Lovell and Zackary Drucker’s The Stroll  both featured at Sundance. 

HM: The Best Man: Final Chapters - LJ, the child of main character Lance and a non - binary character on the show.  


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